Privacy Policy

The following outlines the HGR Technology Group and its related companies ("HGR") policy on the collection, use and disclosure practices in regard to customers' personal information. HGR, as related Canadian laws and consequently our own business practices evolve, commits to ensuring that our privacy policy is current and comprehensive, and therefore the policy will be subject to periodic review and revision. HGR knows that it is a privilege to service its customers. HGR is also very proud of the fact that we are able to protect all of our customers’ personal information. HGR maintains this record by having honesty and integrity in its working environment and deleting all information at the customer's request.

Any information that can personally identify an individual is "personal information". Personal information includes your name, address, and phone number, social media accounts and email information. Personal information is only collected from individuals and companies on a voluntary basis. HGR always gives our customers the choice of whether or not they want to disclose their personal information to HGR. Generally, the information is collected by HGR directly or through other organizations that have obtained consent to pass along an individual's personal information to HGR. HGR uses personal information of customers to provide and communicate products and to service customers.

HGR takes measures to ensure the protection, the security and the confidentiality of personal information, by physical, technological and administrative security safeguards as is appropriate in the circumstances. HGR does not sell, rent or trade the personal information that is collected. Customers’ personal information is made available to designated employees of HGR for providing customers their services and products only. Customers may withdraw their consent by phoning, writing or e-mailing to the Privacy Officer at:

Term of Use

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