Are you mobile ready?

We have the solution.

EMAIL BUTTON ENABLED:  Saves time by allowing people to send email by just touching a button instead of using a keypad.

PHONE BUTTON ENABLED:  Saves time by allowing people to contact you by just a touch of a button.

CORPORATE TWITTER ENABLED:  Allows your clients to tap into the CENTUM brand whose vision is to get families their dream home at the lowest cost.

RATES UPDATED CONTINUOUSLY:  Mortgage rates are updated continuously by head office and are available to your clients at any time. 

MORTGAGE CALCULATOR AVAILABILITY: All your contacts, clients and prospective clients will have the ability to access and share your mobile solution that is built for the smart phone. Just think of your new connections, as the mobile version of YOU starts working for YOU

QR Code technology enabled.

From paper business cards, advertisements in magazines and even the packaging on products, QR Codes are everywhere and on everything. Utilizing the smart phone to SCAN and provide instant access to information via the web.  

Are your paper business cards and ads QR Code ready? Now they will be because we will email you YOUR QR code and TEACH YOU how to use it!

When anyone scans your QR Code, they will go to the mobile version of YOU, which is built for the smart phone.

Custom Branded QR codes: QR Codes with your Logo are more efficient, identifiable, attract additional attention and thus more trusted. Branded custom QR codes are an effective way to promote and expose your company to mobile users.

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Apply Now Button: Visiting your Corporate Site from a Smart Phone and clicking the “Apply Now Section” will not work … Our Mobile Solution solves this problem with your Mobile “Apply Now” Button! 


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Smart Redirect

Mobile Solution is built on your name. That is included in our solution.  Example:

Typing in from a Smart Phone will take you to her Mobile Solution. While typing in from a computer will take you to her Centum Corporate Profile.

Apply Now Section Page: Includes 2 choices. Clients now have the option of the 15 Minute Mortgage or the Full Application Form.